Dancing with Wall Street

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There are many benifits for a company to go public, otherwise why so many Chinese companies came to the Wall Street in recent years. But on the other hand, if a company came to public just for the sake of “listed in NYSE or Nasdaq”, there may be something wrong here. There are many rising stars and fallen heros among Chinese Internet companies in past few years, after Sina, Sohu and Netease came in the dot com era. Some of the notable ones include JOBS, SNDA, and BIDU. In all these cases the CEO of the company seemed worked too hard for Wall Street, and then made big mis-step.

I think for the long term, companies will be better served if CEOs can step back from the impatient Wall Street for a while. Just like in the dance, they should be the leaders, rather than let the Wall Street lead them. That is of course assume they know what they are doing.  

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