Be Open Minded

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I think one of the most important take away from Ken Fisher’s book is “be open minded”. This is easily said than done. Because our brain is not trained that way. For instance, we usually felt pretty bad when we have to cut a loss after buying a stock, even if the company’s fundamental is deteriorating. Because we think if we don’t sell, it’s not an actual loss. On the other hand, we usually feel equally bad about ourselves when we saw the stock went up after we sold it, even if we already make profit from the sale. It seems to me we just can not tolerate “we lose money”, “we leave some money on the table”, “somebody else make more money than us”.

This is very similar to things in life, suppose you bought a Toyota Camry at a dealer for 20,000, and your buddy Joe bought the exact same car at exact same dealer for 19,500. Are you happy or not? Don’t tell me your are happy. How about I tell you I bought it the same car for 20,500 last month? Do you feel better?  

Sometimes, we should adjust our mindset to “making money together”, or “as long as we make/save money, we are happy”.  

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