Apple Leaves Table Smiling

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Apple and Cisco settled the dispute around the iPhone trademark, according to Mac News. One interesting comment I can not stop laughing is: 

“if Apple leaves the table smiling, you better check your wallet.”

Seriously, I agree with the author Cisco guys are smart too. “Consumers are so with Apple these days, it would have been bad for Cisco, because consumers don’t want to see a company that’s going against Apple.”

I want to note that Cisco is going after the consumer markets these days. As you may noticed from the TV ads and Scientific Atlanta (TV setbox) acquisition.

Public image is very important for large companies, as you may know WalMart is under lots of backslash for its “unfriendly to union”, “bad health care for employees”, “drive mom and pop shops out of business” etc. Lately we can see WalMart is putting up ads on TV to repair this.

After all, everyone is in the business to get something out of consumers’ wallet, and get it while customers smiling 🙂  

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