Shanghai Market is Still Hot

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This is from what I feel after spending 36 hours Shanghai. I read quite a few newspaper, magazine, and watch the “finance” section on the TV (first Caijing etc.), as part of research for Xinhua Finance Media IPO, stock market is a very hot topic in all those places. The scary part is, in one program this analyst promoted how easy it is to make money using options (as Quan Zheng in Chinese).

This morning, on my way to work, I heard this guy instructing anonther guy “how to trade a stock” by phone. Been in Mid-west USA for so long, and never been to New York, I felt this is a bit odd. I can feel the same enthusiasm from talking to friends last night. One problem I can tell is “it appears making money is so easy in the market”. From my own experience both in China and US markets, I think making money is not always easy, it takes lots of hard work, dedication, patience and luck.

On a separate matter, the “Sheng Jian Bao” in Shanghai is very good. Better than the bagel at St. Louis (sorry Panera 🙂 

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