Cloud 9 Shopping and Office Building

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Chinese like the number NINE. This is the office building I work these days, the Chinese name is Long Zhi Meng (dream of dragon). The office building is attached to the shopping mall, which has food, coffee, fitness, department stores and Carrefour, the super market. So essentially once you are in the building, you can spend the whole day there without leaving the building (smart bosses, huh?).

The following is the building external view and the noodle place.




  1. Oceanid,
    The parking is under ground. I assume one has to pay.

    Obviously XFML broke my heart in its debut, but the weak performance is expected. Note this is no Home Inns or Mindray. It’s a holding company in China growing advertisement and media industry. In its brief operating history it got about $59 m revenue in year 2006. Of course stock is about future. I think Xinhua will have oppertunity in fast growing Chinese consumers, even though it did not get a foot in the Internet advertisement. I believe the TV is still the king of consumer goods advertisement in China, and Xinhua can use some of its expertise in this area.

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