Harvest Fund in China

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Mutual fund is a hot commodity in China these days, as the domestic stock market became really hot in last year. While the mutual fund industry is still in its early stage, I found this Harvest Fund to be impressive. I watched an interview of its manager, Mr. Zhao Xue Jun, at CBN (No. 1 Cai Jing, my default TV setting these days). Here is Harvest Fund (Jia Shi in Chinese) home page and here is an interview of Mr. Zhao by No. 1 Cai Jing News.

If more and more fund managers can think independently like Mr. Zhao, the Chinese mutual fund industry will become mature much faster. By the way, No. 1 Cai Jing (CBN) seems doing very well in Shanghai. It has both TV and newspaper. I believe Xinhua Finance Media (XFML), the recent IPO, is trying to do the same: it has Fortune China TV program and Economy Observer newspaper. Talking about economy newspaper, I found 21st Century Herald to be good: it has some good analysis about sector and companies.    

I have not seriously looked at the stocks traded in Shanghai Stock Exchanges yet. My gut feeling is there are mot many bargains there. But I feel there may be some oppertunites in the B Shares. Will do more homework if I decide to pursue that.

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