Ajisen Ramen and E-House IPO

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I mentioned the Ajisen Ramen 味千拉面 a while ago, see this post. Today from what I read from China-CBN, they are going to do IPO in Hongkong, the symbol will be 0538.HK. Like the Huiyuan Juice, I think this will be a hot one. Please be aware I am not endorsing Japanese noodles here. As matter of fact, I found a better place than Ajisen Ramen near my work place, that’s a Chinese one.

Separately, I heard this rumor from Pacific Epoch that E-House is going IPO in NYSE this year. E-House is a real estate broker in China. Don’t confuse it with Jinfeng Investments (600606.SS), which has provided similar service in the past and has the 金丰易居 brand. Note the founder of E-House has worked for Jinfeng.

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