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Since I came back, I have read some local business newspapers. No more Xin Ming Evening news, my favorite back in 90s. I read newspaper to get information, and more importantly, get some analysis and local perspective. One may ask why don’t I just go to Internet, e.g., baidu, sina, yahoo finance china, etc. My answer is I can not get some of the anlysis from the web, also I am an old fashioned guy. I am sharing my observations for some of the paper I have read. There is an excellent discussion about all this in this Chinese article if you are really curious.

1) 21st Century Business Herald, by Nanfang Daily. This one is published in Guangzhou on every Mon, Wed and Fri. It covers from economy, industries from automotive to real estate, capital market. I personally think it’s the best business paper in China.

2) The Economic Observer, here is the web site. This is a weekly paper published in Beijing (every Mon), so expect more politics and culture stuff. But overall it’s still a good business paper.

3) No. 1 Caijing, published by China-CBN every week day in Shanghai. Note China-CBN is the CNBC in Shanghai. As you may know CNBC is the business channel in the US. Basically one can read most the stuff from China-CBN web site. So save the one Yuan if you like.

4) Shanghai Securities Daily, the web site is here. More than 10 years ago I read the paper once a while. I did not see the paper become more interesting other than it has more contents. As the name suggests, this paper is for investors. But as you may know, there are not many investors hold a long term view here.

There are not many English newspaper dedicated to business. China daily does has a business section which is good. For the web site, Pacific Epoch is a good one.

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