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I found two stocks related to Jinjiang Hotels. The Jinjiang Gu Feng (company web site, A Share, B Share); and the Jinjiang Hotels Group (company web site, H Share).

I have not done too much research on this. It appears Shanghai Jinjiang (600754.SS, A Share) is a subsidiary of the Jinjiang Group listed in Hongkong (2006.HK). If someone knows more about this, feel free to leave comment or send me email (see About me at the right).

What I have found in this Chinese article seems interesting: Shanghai Jinjiang will specialize in hotel management, besides keeping investment in 11 high end hotles, 20% stake in Jinjiang Inn, 150 m shares of Changjiang Securities, operation for Shanghai KFC, etc; Hongkong Jinjiang mainly invests in hotels, it will consider Shanghai Jinjiang as the preferred supplier for hotel management. Here is another one.     

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