Fuwei Film, Heelys and Consumers

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Fuwei Film (FFHL) stock got a 22% jump today after it announced a very good earning report. Interestingly, I was thinking about this little known company lately. Why? Because I noticed a few days ago it got upgrade from Maxim analyst. The stock went up about 10% and dropped back to 10 in a few days. More importantly, I liked its products: plastic films used both in cosumer products packaging, and industrial packaging. Here is a link of their products (with pictures). Notice anything familar? From juice and milk bottles, to cigratte, liquor (alcohol), to laundary powder,…things we consume (eat, drink, use) daily.

Heelys (HLYS) also got a 9% up after Wachovia analyst’ upgrade. Luckily I bought some shares a few days ago on this one. I sold them today because I only planed a trade initially. I agree with the analyst that Heelys will have a good quarter, but for Heelys the uncertainty of “what will come out after the skating shoes” still exists.

Both stocks are consumer plays. One for Chinese consumers; one for American consumers. One makes money by volume; one does it by brand.    

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