Interactive Broker Open IPO

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(Updated April 16) I placed my bid through WR Hambrecht today.  

I mentioned this a while ago. Today I received email from WR Hambrecht. The bid starts on April 16.

Last Nov I opened the acct at WR Hambrecht in order to get the IBKR open IPO. But I was not disiplined enough, end up picking up other IPO stocks: HLYS, XFML and GSIT. I already sold XFML before getting GSIT. Now I need to sell more to make fund available to IBKR bidding. Interactive Broker is the leading options trader and market maker in the US. The most famous company did open IPO is Google, followed by MorningStar.  


  1. Sun,
    I talked about Xinhua Finance in my blog and in my email a while ago. I think my attitude toward Xinhua is “show me the money” . It should come out with Q1 earning soon. We may have better ideas then.

    I had to admit I am not in a very good position to evaluate its business (advertisement and media). So according to Buffett’ rule, I took the loss and moved on…


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