MinHang ZiZhu IT Clusters and JiaoDa

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Here are some of the pictures I took at ZiZhu IT Clusters (ZiZhu info and digital harbor if directly translated from Chinese). These buildings look like the ones in the States. Both Microsoft and Intel have presence there.


Second picture is taken at JiaoDa MinHang Campus, which is near the IT cluster. Two of my family members attended JiaoDa. I visited the campus in year 1992.


Note MinHang was the first development zone of Shanghai (earlier than world famous PuDong), the first Coca Cola bottling company in China was born there. Nowadays ZiZhu IT cluster is modeled after Silicon Valley. With the completion of Metro line 5 (from Xin Zhuang to MinHang), MinHang is much closer to the city. It’s interesting to think you can go from New York (downtown Shanghai) to Silicon Valley (MinHang) in one hour.

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