The Long Waiting Line in Banks

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I’m not picking on the China Construction Bank, this is a problem existing in all the banks. I can think of two reasons:

1) People are “managing their money” nowadays, e.g., people are withdrawing money from bank and put into the stock market; people are doing the certificate of deposit…

2) Banks don’t want to add additional people or windows due to cost reasons. Many banks are public companies now, more people means most cost. They would rather add resources serving VIP customers, than add resources serve regular customers. We can also see this from the monthly service charge of the newly opened foreign banks. The minimum of all 4 banks is Bank of East Asia (BEA), it charges 10 Yuan if acct balance is below 5,000 Yuan.


As a result of all these, I saw an unusual phenomena: people lined up before the bank opens for business. The goverment noticed the problem and is asking the banks to do something about it. My opinion, I am not optimistic about it. You can look at the rising housing price for an example.

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