Sold HLYS Wait for CROX

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I sold all the remaining HLYS shares on Monday May 7 (before the Q1 earning announcement). While I enjoyed my Heelys shoes, the stock (HLYS) did not turn out to be as good as I expected. The main reason is I jumped too early (I bought it in on its IPO debut at 35 and 32). By doing this I have more downside than upside. The stock will under pressure short term because of its so-so guidance and the secondary offering.

Long term, I think Crocs (CROX) will be better investment than Heelys (HLYS). I saw more and more Crocs in Shanghai stores. While the sales in China is not significant at this time, as I said before, Crocs has wider appeal than Heelys and Under Armor (UA). Like Starbucks, eventually China market will grow and have meaningful impact to the company.

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