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Today is Tuesday May 15, the Chinese market had a huge sell down today. I don’t know the reason (sometimes the market doen’t need any reason to go down or up). But I think it’s a healthy thing for the China market has some down days in addition to the up days. Good “market risk” education for the new comers.

US market did not follow the China this time. I’m glad Mr. Market thinks highly of MR Mindray’s Q1 report. Mindray is one of my core holdings at this time.

I received a new openIPO offer from WR Hambrecht, it’s the Clean Engergy Fuel Corp. founded by the energy heavy weight and legendary investor Boone Pickens. The company tries to push natural gas as the fuel for vehicle. Don’t have much ideas about energy companies these days. I am more selective on IPOs after Xinhua Finance Media XFML fiasco. I will only buy the companies I can understand (e.g. HMIN). Warren Buffett said “unknown means risk”. Good point.     

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