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Since I am on this topic, let me put up some sites may be helpful to Haigui or expatriates. Note I still think for ordinary person like me, doing a software engineer job in the US is usually easier than doing similar things in China, unless you are in Silicon Valley. But one can argue China has more opportunites (career/business). Also for most of us we have family and friends back home, both are important. Life is not only about work and money, right?

1) Monster HK: biggest job search site in the world, that’s the Asia site.

2) amCham Shanghai: America Chamber of Commerce job site, it has some expat jobs.

3) this one seems founded by Haigui, it has jobs both in the US and China.

4) JMEP: this one is located in sillicon valley, it has many technology jobs (hardware, software). Was active in past few years but not lately.

5) Haiguinet: it has many postings from the head hunter, note in China head hunters play important roles in getting middle to high level jobs. It also has many IT jobs.

Other sources: besides those web sites, some Chinese professional organizations have job postings from time to time. I think those are usually better.

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