Is Advertisement too Invasive ?

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Ad is everywhere these days, from Newspaper, TV to Internet. In China there is such thing called LCD sreen ad. Focus Media (FMCN) made big money out of this, although recently some residential home owners got a bit tired of this because they want some peace in their apartment’s elevator.

In the US it appears to me TV is coming to Internet more and more, I mean, the video clips, such as this one from Fisher Investments, a wealth management firm managed by Ken Fisher. I used to receive (junk) mails from them, now I can see the ad on Forbes. Fisher was a columnist on Forbes.

I think it’s important to have some fine lines on “the intrusioness” of the ads. It’s OK to have ads on TV and Internet, because we choose to watch TV or go to Internet. But not at the elevators of our homes, because we have to use that everyday. Unless the majority of the home owners agree and they get the profit from the Ad company, it’s not right to put LCD in apartment buildings. How about the office buildings then? I got really tired of some dumb ads when I was in Cloud 9 building a while ago. Oh well, we have to live in reality: commercials and advertisment are big industry these days. Recall the Internet giant start with “G”?


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