Mr. Softy got a bit evil

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Obviously the new Vista is creating problems for competitors’ product, such as Google Desktop Search. See this news. I remember four or Five years ago the US justice department ruled to split Microsoft into two companies, because of its monopoly practice. That rule was over turned.

I don’t know all legal issues but I am aware many geeks don’t like Microsoft and its people. Once I went to a UNIX user group meeting in which a Microsoft guy did presentation, he got booed frequently.

Back to Google’s complaint, it appears to me Google is starting to eat Microsoft’s lunch, with the launch of Desktop software (Search, Office products etc.);  Mr. Softy certainly want to protect its own turf. Same thing can be said regarding what Microsoft was trying to do in the search market, with its recent buy of aQuantitative? Maybe they both think “the grass is greener on the other side”? 

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