Spammer Got Smarter

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I got this email from spammer, it feels very much like a real one except in the end it says “please act within 24 hours”. You know how desparate the spammers want your identity.

Be careful about those messages look like from eBay and PayPal.

Dear eBay Member,                                                       
     You’ve been on a super sales streak and since you’ve done so well, it’s 
     time to recognize you for your efforts. You are PowerSeller Silver!     
     Congratulations! joining the eBay Silver PowerSeller Program. Come and  
     join us. When you join the PowerSeller program, you’ll be able to       
     receive more of the support you’ll need for continued success. So, why  
     wait? Join now!                                                          


     PowerSeller icon next to your User ID in recognition of your hard      
      PowerSeller Priority Support via email webform and phone support at    
      Silver level and above.                                                
      Exclusive offerings on the PowerSeller portal–check in frequently to  
      see updated program benefits and special offers!                       
      Discussion Board for you to network with other PowerSellers.           
      Free PowerSeller Business Templates for business cards and letterhead. 
     Membership to the PowerSeller program is FREE.                          
     Again, congratulations and best wishes for your continued success!      
     eBay PowerSeller Team                                                   
     If you agree with this rank please Become an eBay Power Seller within   
     24 hours========

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