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MR closed above HMIN the first time since its IPO last Sept. MR closed at 30.89, while HMIN closed at 30.81.

This comparison is mostly for fun. But seriously I do think HMIN is increasing under competitive pressure in China. Here is another hotel chain, Hanting Hotels, founded by Ji Qi, the co-founder of Ctrip and Home Inns. Recently it raised $85 m from VC, this is no small change considering Home Inns raised about similar amount last Oct. through IPO. In last two years Hanting Hotels targeted mostly business travellers who are willing to pay more than CNY 268, but this has changed since early this year, as they entering into the budget hotels arena (head to head against HMIN). In the past HanTing’s profit margin is about 5% higher than HMIN. Of course one can argue that the “budget hotels” pie in China is growing too, so all the players will benefit. I am curious to learn more about this as I’m coming back to China very soon.

On the other hand, it’s far more difficult to enter into the medical device business where Mindray is in, that’s one thing I liked about this business.

Last but not least, Starbucks will raise the price of its beverage by 9 cents starting next week.

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