Got some Heelys again

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Yeah, I know it’s risky, because I’ve been there. But I’m not insane. I think the recent sell off is a bit over done, at least from my store checking: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Finish Line and Sports Authority are displaying new Heelys for “back to school” season. I assume those guys don’t just put there for show, I think they do want to sell the shoes and make money instead.

The company is due to report its Q2 earnings on August 7.

CEO Interview:
Adarsh did an interview with its CEO and posted in his blog. By the way, CEO Mike Staffaroni has worked for LA Gears (a fashion sports shoes co.) in 90s, and hopefully he and his team learned lessons from the boom and bust of LA Gears, and make Heelys a long term success.

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