The world is not flat

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At least on Internet front, as I read this post from Wang Jianshuo.

Similar thing can be said about the China stock market, the “open H-share to domestic investors” initiative took a pause this week. The new word is it will start in 2 months; and the minimum balance is 300 k Yuan (vs. previous 100 k Yuan). This news will certainlly boost the domestic A share market, as hot money stays inside China, for the moment. Sersiously I don’t think this policy will have too much effect to Hongkong, as some forward thinking Chinese investors already found their ways in Hongkong and US stock market. Just as I said in previous post, some foreign investors (e.g., Yale university) already found their ways in China A share market.

So, how about we say “the world is not flat; it’s in the process of becoming flat,…”

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