Week in review 08/26 to 09/01

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I’m back from Sanya. Felt good about the beach and Marriot hotel, I will talk more about the trip later. The following are stuffs I recorded before the trip.

1) Ctrip service is good. Free pick up, delivery; SMS reminder; coupon book including shuttle ride from airport to hotel. By the way, I saw Ctrip’s rep at Sanya airport. She gave me a small tour guide book (free); the book seems very useful. I guess Ctrip is continuing to grow, and create stickness with its customers.

2) Got 2 shares of Vanke at its secondary offering. I bid 500 shares, and the allocate rate is about 0.46%, so I got 2 shares at 31.53 Yuan each. This is smallest stock purchase I ever made. I heard Vanke’s secondary attacted CNY 200 b to bid. Citic Securities slightly beat that with CNY 225 b.

Interestingly, I found Yale University (endowment fund) is one of the bidder for the CS and Vanke’s secondary offering.

3) US immigration raid in Ohio: Ohio police raided a chicken processing plant. I don’t want to get into the US politics. But from both business and humanitarian point of view, this does not make sense. I believe most US restaurants and many farms/food processing plants will have to close if they don’t hire immigrants (legal or illegal).

From humanitarian side, if the illegal parent is put into jail, who will take care of their kids? Why would some people like to make “already poor” people lives more miserable, without getting any economy benifits (I’m not saying anything could be justified if there is economy benifits). Maybe the US goverment can take the cue from Chinese goverment regarding “building harmonious society”?

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