Speculation day for Chinese stocks

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On Sept 20, 2007

ATV: up 20.10%

EFUT: up 49.92%

XFML: up 20.70%

It seems to me the domestic investors (or speculators to be precise) can not wait the Chinese goverment offically opens the H shares to domestic investors, they already came to the US 🙂

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Thanks a lot for the info. I wonder where do you get the info? because those have been on your watchlist? or there are sites tracking high fly china equities?


I don’t have them on my watch list. I happened to see a discussion thread about “EFUT” at a Chinese stock BBS named I remember EFUT because it did similar things last year.

Note I don’t have high regards for EFUT and the sorts. It reminds me the IPIX, another crazy “concept” stock a while ago. Basically I think it’s very difficult for me (and many others) to make money from them.

If I speculate, I like to speculate on “foundamentally sound” stocks such as WX.

Obviously the distinction of all these are also subjective…

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