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Our visa applications finally came through, and I booked air ticket for my wife’s trip (PVG to STL, same itinerary as mine).

I already got the round trip ticket for myself, so the question is find a same ticket for her. I checked out, and China-sss 春秋航空旅游网 (travel agency) and they all gave me a quote of about $1000. That’s not cheap consider my round trip ticket from STL to PVG cost about $1250.

So, I went to expedia and found a ticket at $946. I booked it immediately. The nice thing about expedia is one can see the seating chart when booking, I want to make sure my wife gets a seat closer to me. I did manage to make a small mistake initially; I booked 26E, the middle seat in the middle section, and there is a wall behind it. Just as I was thinking I would have to “stuck there”, I found expedia has this nice feature called “Change seats using the Seat Pinpointer”, so I went ahead and changed it.

After seeing so many people in Shanghai in last 2 months, now I’m looking forward to seeing some fall colors at the Show Me State, and my friends at STL.

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