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This morning when two stocks are traded at about same price, I sold remaining Starbucks (SBUX) , and got some more Longtop Financial (LFT). I still like the long term prospect of Starbucks, especially its international expansion. But at this time SBUX is still a slow growth US company, and it will remain so for a while.

Meanwhile, Longtop, the first Chinese IT/software company listed in NYSE, is enjoying healthy growth in the sweet spot in China: financial industry. My recent trip to China confirmed my belief of the long term growth of Chinese banks. Banks will get more sophiscated, i.e., they will use more software and IT services to improve efficiency, to figure out what customer wants, to serve customer better (shorter waiting line, maybe?)…

Here some interesting things I got when googling “东南融通”, longtop Chinese name (1 and 2, both in Chinese).

The article one mentioned the FENet buy. From what I read from prospectus (recent developments), the area FENet works on (Business intelligence), is growing very fast in Chinese banks.

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