Currency wars

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Early August 2007, when I was in Shanghai, the US stock market underwent a crisis from the sub-prime mortgage. At that time the focus was on BearStern and its two hedge funds. In China, and in overseas Chinese financial community, the book named Currency Wars authored by Mr. Song Hongbing was very popular. So I bought one in Shanghai. The heart of this book is (in my own words): we are inceasingly live in a world that controlled by international bankers. In a way, ordinary people (like you and me) are very much like their (bankers) slaves.

Currency wars logo (picture from Amazon China)

As I am reading the book about Fed history (Wiki: US Fed reserve), and listening to Ben Berneke (the Fed chairman) speech this morning, I think this is very interesting: is Ben Berneke, an Econ professor from Princeton, look like the representative of the bad guys (a.k.a., the bankers)?

Here are some comments about the book at douban.

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