Netflix IS good

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I mean the service, not the stock NFLX (I no longer kept up to date with its stock). I heard about Netflix couple years ago, but I just started to use its service recently. Some of the features I like about:

netflix pic

1) The queue: the customer could put up a movie queue. Once a movie is returned, the one on the top will be mailed.

2) Fast: here in STL it takes one day to ship. So if I return the movie on Mon, I will receive a new one on Wed. The design on reusable envelop is also impressive.

3) Price: I started with the $4.99 plan, two movies per month. Now I upgraded to $8.99 per month, which allows me to watch one movie at one time. That’s good enough.

Regarding to its stock, I kept an eye on it from time to time. It was fairly volatile couple years ago, e.g., it dropped a lot when rumor says Amazon is going to offer similar service.

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