Olympics tickets: 2nd call

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For a Chinese 中文 version of this, click on my wife’s MSN blog.

The 2nd round of ticketing booking just got started. Here is the offical web site for Beijing 2008 tickets (Chinese, English). I understand they only take Visa (official sponsor of Olympics), and fund from Bank of China 中国银行 acct. Actually they sell tickets at many BoC locations inside China.

I was not serious about attending (due to cost and afraid of crowd), until couple days ago my co-worker said to me “maybe some day you can hold the ticket stub to your grand kids and tell them you went to Beijing Olympics…”.

So I checked out the air ticket fot the STL to PVG round trip at flyChina.com, I used July 19/Sept 20 to beat the traffic. It started at 1400 USD…Now if I could find some cheap tickets for the game. This Olympics thing will not be cheap. But I go home (China) once every year, so the air ticket is also fixed cost for me.

This is not just about the (potential) bragging rights. This will be my wife and my mom’s first Beijing trip if we can all make it. So money is not the No. 1 concern here.

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