Lessons from Longtop

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Well, Longtop did not turn out to be long top, it was a short top if you will. I sold most of the shares today (still 50 shares pending in Scottrade).

The problem with Longtop (LFT) is not fundamental, it’s rather valuation. In current market, I think an unproven Chinese financial software (IT service) company like Longtop can not sustain its bubble price at IPO.

Some lessons:

1) Be careful of IPO (maybe I got MR at pure luck, but I did not get it in the first day). Also be careful of all underwriters: from JP Morgan (NINE), WR Hambrecht (XFML, GSIT), and Goldman Sachs (LFT)…NINE and XFML are in my Hall of Shame list, will LFT join them too?

2) Again valuation. A good company does mean good stock. Look at Baidu during 2004 IPO to 2006.

3) Don’t averege down if I haven’t made any money from a stock, e.g., SBUX, LFT,…I think CROX is different because I made money on this one, and has some knowledge on it. In other words, if average down too many times, something must be wrong here.

Current plan
Going forward I will sit on the sideline for a while. I am waiting to buy China Mobile (under $70) or Mindray (under $30).

I am also thinking the dollar average cost method (fixed amount amount each month) for future stock purchase. Because it seems I can not time the market, why not buy some real good companies (at fair or bargain price) once a while (say every 2 months)…

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