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I wrote about the bubble of PetroChina during its Shanghai IPO last Nov. I understand lots of people in China (San Hu 散户) are under water on this one. Obviously they bought into this “the most profitable company in Asia” slogan touted by some institutions that wanted to dump their shares during IPO.

Here I list some of the A share and H share price, and their bubble factor.

PetroChina: 601857.SS: CNY 26.39; 0857.HK HKD 12.27 (still lot of bubble !)

PetroChina gas station pic

On other hand, insurance companies and banks are more rationally valued.

China Life: 601618.SS 43.60; 2618.HK 32.25

ICBC: 601398.SS 7.23; 1398.HK 5.28

CMB: 600036.SS 36.28; 3968.HK 30.55

*I leave out the CNY and HKD for ease of reading. 1 CNY = 1.0838 HKD, accoring to Yahoo Finance.

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