SSE Composite Index, Happy New Year

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Last night is the last trading day for Chinese domestic stock market, for the year of pig. According to Google Finance, the index is up 72.09% in the year of Pig. The index closed at 4,599.70, a tiny bit shy of 4,600. Shanghai composite has been up BIG two years in a row. Guess that’s the reason for people to take caution 🙂

Shanghai Composite Index Year of Pig
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The next year (Feb 7) will be the year of rat. Don’t know how the composite index will go this year. The snow storm should not cause big problems for the China economy. It could be postive actually (consider China will be more seriously about infrustructure). The US economy slow down will have effect though. Of course the biggest thing this year, is Beijing Olympics.

Happy Chinese New Year, every one !

Baidu Chun Jie 2008

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