Two strikes on CROX

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Last two quarter earning report has dragged Crocs stock from $75 to around $25. Many analysts, bloggers, pundits, pretty-much-everybody-wears-shoes (and consequently knows the shoe business) think the stock price is reasonable now.

That is, assume Crocs can unload its massive $250 million inventory successfully. By success I mean they did not give it away to charity, or dump it to PayLessShoes.

Let’s forget the financial analysis, technical analysis for a minute, just think a shoe company attributes its very success to sophiscated supply chain management, got an F grade on it. A lot progress has made in global supply chain management in last 10 years: many great companies have cut inventory level down (think DELL?). Some Japanese car maker (Toyota) even tried Just-In-Time manufacturing (zero inventory). Oh well, one can argue they are mostly manufacturers not retailers. But Crocs has been mostly a manufacturer too.

The bottom line is Crocs got two strikes in a row, one more strike they are out.

(update Feb 25) I read this article about CROX from theStockMasters. Very funny article, but I don’t think CROX is a stock worthy of our long term portfolio.

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