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Less blogging and more CFA studying

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Study for CFA
Not just for the passing of the test, or the certificate, but also to learn the knowledge, which is more important for me. Actually as I read the quantatitive fundmental, I can connect the dots with my portfolio performance. Very practical stuff.

It’s likely I will reduce the number of posts I write everyday, which is probablly a good thing, because I may actually come up with better blogs. More substance, less crap (aren’t the financial/stock blogsphere full of too many craps, no offense to any sincere blogger).

Advice from Vanguard Chairman
I received the Vanguard news letter in mail last week. Very good stuff. One thing I want to share is: don’t follow the headlines. Have a long term plan, and try to stick to it.

2 thoughts on “Less blogging and more CFA studying

  1. 怎么大家都在考?压力太大了

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