Disturbed by Paris torch incident

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  • >(Youtube) How did the Free Tibet protesters assault a DISABLED GIRL.
  • >(Sohu via Youtube) The Girl who protected the Olympic Torch 金晶:捍卫火炬的中国女孩.
  • I was deeply disturbed by the torch incidents on Paris and London. I think the local authority should do a better job to protect the torch carriers.

    where are you French police
    (Disabled Chinese torch carrier under attack)

    It appears the Chinese in America are really organizing voluntarily in SF. Yesterday I even read that people offered air ticket re-inbursement for rally trip to SFO. The torch will be shown in SF this afternoon. I sincerely hope and believe things will turn out to be fine because both the efforts of authority and volunteers.

    The big question is the media coverage of this Tibet things since March 14. The traditional media, both China and western, seems are both biased. On the other hand, new media (web, youtube) is much more refreshing, not always true, but definitely more authetic.

    I think deep in the hearts of some western people (neo-conservative?), they are not happy to see the economy growth and stablity in China in recent years. In the past they played the communism (socialism) fear, that did not work because China is essentially a market economy now. Now they are using the Tibet and human rights issue, which is pretty lame these days. Because it’s not an human rights issue, it’s mostly an economy issue, I mean the economy disparity of local Tibetans, and Han/Hui Chinese.

    This can not be solved over-night. But with the new railway, the education and the pro-economy development policy, the gap will be narrowed. So I am hopeful, as I believe most people are good people in this world. There are always some bad elements in the society, and sometimes they could have a lot influence, but at the end of the day, the good will prevail.

    torch police finally come
    (Police finally come)

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