Early days of Berkshire shareholder meeting

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(Update) Meet the Buffetts (NBR Susie Gharib interview with 3 Buffett children, Howard, Susie, and Peter).

Working with Buffett (NBR Susie Charib interview 3 CEOs working for Berkshire subsidiaries).

Berkshire shareholder meeting at its early days
Quote from CNBC:

Buffett: It’s a gathering of partners. And, you know, we have a lot of partners, but I like the fact they feel part of the act. And to see it’s a real company, real products, real people. And, I get to see real stockholders, so it’s, it’s, it’s a gathering.

Becky: It started out as a very small event. When was the first, when was the first one?

Buffett: Well, if you go way back we used to hold ’em in New Bedford, Mass., where Berkshire Hathaway started. So I would go back there. And, and it was me and somebody taking the minutes… And we would have about anywhere between 8 and 12 people, for the next 10 or so years until about 1981. And my aunt Katie would come and my Uncle Fred. I always packed the audience with people that would be sure to nominate me.

Becky: Eight to 12 people in the lunchroom at National Indemnity. It, it’s a, very modest beginnings for what it’s turned into, a huge, huge event.

Buffett: Yeah. Just, we held it down there because I had a canteen, they had to buy their own coffee or (laughs) candy or something like that. I was always trying to turn a profit on the meeting. And then, when we merged with Blue Chip Stamps we, we moved to a room at a hotel here where we maybe had 100 people… The sound system didn’t work right or anything. But, but it was fun, seeing shareholders and having ’em ask questions. And, I liked it. My partner Charlie Munger liked it. And, we’re kind of hams. So, it was a chance to get an audience.

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