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We all know the terrible earthquake happened seven days ago (May 12, 14:28 PM) in Sichuan province. Today the while country is mourning the loss of the lives in China. I belive many people in the world share the same loss too. After all, we are living in the same earth (global village).

I visited Sichuan Jiu Zhai Gou about 3 years ago. While mother nature is ruthless sometimes, we should not ignore that Sichuan is a beautiful place, same as her people. So don’t refrain yourself from visiting Jiu Zhai Gou or Sichuan in the future. I gurantee you will love it.

Jiu Zhai Gou Chang Hai
(Full size picture here, more Jiu Zhai Gou pictures)

(Update) I set the color of the header of this blog to black (#000000), as we mourn the loss of lives in this earthquake.

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