Buffett in Europe

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Warren Buffett is visiting Europe these days, mainly looking for acqusition targets (family private owned business). Here is an interview at IMD (Switzerland). IMD is a premier business school in the Europe (thanks to investmentpostcards). There is a link to webcast at the end of the post. It covered a range of topics, and the title was “How to grow wealth in a responsible and sustainable manner”.

On a side note, one of Buffett’s holding, Moody (NYSE:MCO) took a big hit recently because of mistake in giving out ratings. Interestingly, Buffett did not sell MCO shares in Q1 2008. He did sell some Well Fargo shares in Q1, this seems contradicts with he said in his annual letter: Moody probably lost intrinsic value in sub prime crisis, Well Fargo did not.

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