Olympic game starts, CFA level I registration

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Yes, the game already started, e.g, the women’s soccer. This morning I saw the team USA vs. team Norway on MSNBC. The US lost 2 goals in first 5 minutes, not a good way to start a game.

BTW, here is the TV schedule on NBA family (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, USA, Oxygen). You need to type in your zip code to get exact listing. Personally I can not wait to see the opening ceremony on 7 PM Friday.

CFA level I December exam
I registered this one again, this time I will take it in Shanghai (Dec 7 Sunday). Note December is more like a make up test, so there are not as many test centers as the June exam. For instance, St. Louis does not have one. Here is a link to December test centers. Click on the December 2008 (PDF) file there to find your nearby testing place.

CFA curriculum pic
(CFA curriculum, source: CFA Institute)

Regarding to test preparation, I am still going to read the curriculum. But I will also need a plan (schedule), to make sure I will have sufficient time to do mock exams before the real one. I will also take advantage of online forums, such as analystforum.

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