My election night experience

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Was on the road on election night. I left the training class at 4:25 at North Little Rock and headed to the LIT airport. When I listened to NPR at around 5:30 PM, the poll in east coast was about to close. When I got to Atlanta for transfer, it was 8:30 PM EST, so I watched CNN and got to know PA became Obama land. One more flight later, about 10:45 PM when the MD-88 plane landed at STL, and I turned on the radio immediately. Obama won and was about to give acceptance speech.

Direct flight between STL and LIT
Yesterday I found out Southwest does offer a direct flight between STL and Little Rock (LIT). Oh well, the good thing is I read the CFA stuff during the delta flight. Otherwise I will have more time to waste on TV and Internet.

The market reaction
The stock market already had a big run before the Obama win. The stock market decided to hold two sell off days on Wed and Thurs. In a way, that signifies the challenges lies ahead for Obama administration. The expectation is so high, from health care, to economy/jobs, to Iraq, to his ethnic group (African American, though theoritically Obama is mixed race, half black half white).

It’s hard to do many of these in a tough economy.

The margin call

Last month we have seen the CEO of Chesepeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) Aubrey MCCLENDON has to liquidate his CHK stocks to meet the margin call. Here is the details from Yahoo finance

10-Oct-08 15,476,697 CHK Sale at $12.65 – $16.16 per share.
9-Oct-08 11,401,200 CHK Sale at $17.56 – $24 per share.
8-Oct-08 4,645,026 CHK Sale at $22.68 – $23.28 per share.

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