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AIG bonus. 90% tax. Clawback (that’s new word for me). Goldman Sachs.

The bank rescue (aka toxic assets) plan
Tim Geithner (WSJ op ed March 23) My Plan for Bad Bank Assets;

NY Times article;
WSJ article.

Paul Krugman (the recent Nobel Economics winner) comments (one, two)

Meet the press, Face the Nation and ABC “this week” all talked about this and its implications. So as Fox.

A twist on Coke/Huiyuan story
The China minister of commerce said the outcome does not mean China is now not welcoming foreign investments. This is a merger between two foreign companies (Coca Cola in the US; Huiyuan in Cayman Island). As you may know many Chinese companies are set up in Cayman island (for tax purpose). In other words, the minister is re-emphasize this is purely a monopoly case. Just like the EU rejected the GE/Honeywell merger a while ago.

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