Is somebody watching Federal Reserve?

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The answer is “Not Really”.

First saw the video from trader1688.

Quote: 简单写几句小结:

这是5/5/2009的一个hearing的片段。当事双方是Rep. Alan Grayson和Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman。
这个grayson似乎还略有正义感,问的问题是fed的balance sheet。几个trillion的钱去了哪里,借给了谁,有些什么样的监控措施。leh breakdown, 还有fed自己的几个t的 off balance sheet obligations.

Coleman 就纯粹是捣糨糊。注意她的几个关键词,
1. high level review … but not audit = 不想知道(level越high,可信度越低)
2. in progress since last september = 不知道,(半年多还查不到10t的动态?)
3. jurisdiction = 不归我管
她的回答就是一个复杂版的 i don’t know, and i don’t track the money.

grayson的结论是 i am shocked to find out nobody in the federal reserve including the inspector general is tracking of this.
(继续旁白ing: greyson啊,去学学中国的厚黑学,shock什么啊,你会习惯的。当然了如果你想借题发挥,拉选票的话,小心俺们人民群众黑了你。)

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