Google finance stock screener II

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Yahoo tech-ticker

* 20% quarterly year-over-year revenue growth
* 25% quarterly year-over-year earnings growth
* Trades at a P/E ratio below 12

Apply it in Google finance stock screener (here is the link), it finds 134 companies (this number could change as the stock price, PE ratio changes daily).

PE min 12
5 year EPS growth rate min 25%
5 year revenue growth rate min 20%

I added another criteria market cap between $1 b to $5 b. It yields more reasonable 35 companies. If I set the forward PE at least less than 12, it only shows Garmin (Nasdaq: GRMN). I believe the Google finance does not have forward PE data for most companies. I also changed market cap between $5 b to $10 b, it yields 9 companies: I saw some oil service companies such as Cameron, Smith International (NYSE: SII) there.

Of course the biggest problem I see is that companies cook the data to meet the street expectation.

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