Remembering July 5

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(Update July 9) A personal story written by NY Times reporter Edward Wong.

(Original) This is Sept. 11 for China. July 5, Urumqi (Capital city of Xinjiang, China), 9-11 style attack happened to innocent people walking on the street, students/workers on the way to home, shop owners attending their customers,… were beaten and some are even killed by some well organized terrorists. I don’t have all the details yet, but the following video from Youtube offers a glimpse of the situation. Warning: some scene are bloody, exercise caution/judgement when watching.

My initial response is anger. This is totally senseless attack against innocent people, just like in Sept. 11 the terrorist using airplane to attack against World Trader Center. Incidentally in recent days I started to appreciate the benefits of second amendment (allow civilian to own guns). Being born in China, I did not understand why so many people still own guns after Columbine tragedy. Now I know. There are instances where a government can not protect its own citizen, and there are instances the government can intensionally do wrong things. Owning fire arms and know how to use it become handy in those cases (self defense).

I also started to appreciate the feeling of Israel people as they constantly under the suicide attack.

There are many other things I would like to say, I will share one article (in Chinese, use Google translation tool “translate this page” if you want to read the machine translated English). The article was written by a guy/girl who grow up in Xinjiang in 1980/1990s.

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