The dark side of the technology

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A while ago I wrote about Internet Safety.

Last year
MySpace/Facebook, Barack Obama (this is probably the bright side, if you believe Barack is a good guy)

This year
Twitter revolution, Iran;

SMS (text message) + online BBS, Urumqi incident (what I call a terrorist attack/organized killing against innocent civilians);

Cyber attacks, notice the recent news South Korea and US gov web sites got attacked, not to mention the endless email from Nigeria says I will receive $10 million dollars if I can him my bank acct;

and there is this great thing many people love (but don’t want to admit), this porn thing (see WSJ video about software to help a guy get rid of bad habbit).

Technology, if used inproperly, or in the hands of evil-minded people, could do real harm.

Because it’s really powerful. That’s why many organizations and people are keen on this: try to beat the other side on this cat and mouse game.

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