Two Logitech mouse: V200 and VX nano

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My logitech V200 mouse is more than 3 years old. Recently it acts a bit strange, basically the clicking does not work very well: for instance, when I intended clicking once, it will click twice, vice versa. So I was looking for a replacement for some time. I found the VX Nano is a good one.

(Left: the new VX Nano; right: the old V200

Price and Review
Bought both from Amazon.

V200 (link to amazon): March 30, 2006, $29.99 – $10 gift card (don’t remember where came from) + mail-in rebate (forgot the amount)

VX Nano (link to amazon): July 8, 2009, $55.19, the free shipping from Amazon is fast: ordered on July 8, received it on July 10. Logitech offers mail-in rebate on this product from time to time, but not on the day I placed the order.

The new VX Nano is usable instantly after I plug in the tiny receiver, and put battery into mouse. The click experience is very good. The tiny receiver makes it possible I don’t need to remove it everytime when I put laptop in a bag (note the mouse also has a button to turn of battery power), both are not available for the old V200 mouse.

Very good overall, but
The forward and backward button is placed at the left side of the mouse (up for forward; down for backward). This design is flawed in my opinion. Why not place this at way left and way right? To be consistent with the IE and Firefox Toolbar (left arrow, right arrow). I saw similar complaints on this on Amazon consumer review:

– The forward / back buttons are placed in a strange location on the top but still off to the side; this actually is more comfortable with the left hand than the right hand

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