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Through the years I have bought books, digital cameras, computers, mouse, shoes and many other things on the web, from Amazon, eBay, buy.com, Sears, Zappos and so on. In some stores I could pick up the merchadise at the store (Sears, for one). I did that at Circuit City before its bankrupcy.

But today is my first time to order Pizza online. In the past, what I usually do is call the store, tell them what I want (usually I have a coupon). Today I decided to do something different (I don’t have a coupon anyway). So I went to Domino’s at around 11:25 AM. The steps are pretty straight forward.

1) First, they ask whether I want it be delivered or pick up on my own (no question for cheapskates like me, not to mention a breeze of fresh air working from home these days);

2) Then they asked what pizza I want, there are a lot choices, including the new pista on bread thing. I chose the Buffalo Chicken (in retrospect I would not order it because it’s too spicy for me and my wife). After the type of the pizza, I chose the size.

3) The last step, they asked my address, email, credit card (don’t have to type in this, but I did it for the sake of simplicity).

The most amazing thing to me, is the online real time status update for the pizza (such as the one below):
(James began custom making your pizza at 11:38 AM)

(At the oven)

I hit on the road.

It keeps update until it says “Your pizza got picked up” (after I got back 🙂

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