Spammer stole my Yahoo email and sent out spam mails

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Friends, in case you received an email selling you Viagra online, which appears sent from my Yahoo email. I apologize. Obviously I don’t sell those. Some hackers used my Yahoo email and did this. Please ignore that mail. More information (prevention tips) about this tactic can be seen at:

I had my email account hacked into and emails sent out.?

I realized this problem as my Gmail acct is also in my Yahoo address book. Also, one friend asked me “huh”? I think this is not really brand new tactic, and I believe most people already know it. This note is just in case.

(Update) It appears someone else has similar problem with his Yahoo mail (Jan 2, 2010). Forge the “sent from” is not really new, as described by Christopher Null. I hope everybody’s spam filter filter out my message. But it seems not…

Personally I really want to find out who did this, and make him/her accountable for this hacking. I’ll appreciate if you have any suggestions regarding “hunting down spammers”…

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