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Our daughter Serenity Youyang was born a week ago, as 悠揚 in Chinese. Her arrival obviously has changed our lives, forever. As I quote one of my former coworker, I will not have a dull day for sure.

A lot of emotions, anticipations, before March 5, when she actually came to the world, I was a bit intimated, after the sleepless night at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center. Obviously my wife has been through much more.

This past week, last 7 days, we went from panic parents to more-at-ease parents. One interesting thing I noticed our baby girl has some new change everyday, esp. her facial expressions (like smile). Upon further examination like this article “First Signs of Intelligent Life“, it appears our baby is not at the stage of sophistication.

Why this blog/website?

My purpose of this blog, is more than trying to record my daughter Serenity. For that I can put it in my own blog if necessary. I am thinking more from new dads’ perspective, we have a lot of questions, from wife’s pregnancy (preparation for the arrival of new baby), to the baby arrival (thrill, panic, calm down), and as another good friend said “we need to raise them at least at 18”. Thinking soccer daddies and college tuitions!!!

You may think that’s a long way to go. But as I heard from multiple friends, kids grow up quickly. I think that’s mostly true for happy moments.

So, let’s use this cyber place to record our babies, exchange our ideas, and have some intelligent and interesting discussions, meanwhile watching our new babies grow!!!

Guest bloggers are welcomed and in the future, we could expand from blog to other website formats.

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