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We took the “new parents” class at St. John’s before delivery. That’s quite informative, the topics ranges from preparation for labor, to feed the baby, to home safety, there is even a short presentation by a pediatrician: on the basics of baby healthcare matters. I also remember the instructor asked us (the future dads) two tasks: put the cribs together; install the infant car seats.

Life would be too easier if that’s the only tasks for dads. From emotional support when the pregnant wife have cramps and/or difficulty to sleep due to growing belly size, house chores, to big picture issues like child development and education. I am not saying this to make myself and other new dads to worry, I think the important thing is we have a game plan. It’s hard to predict which college our kid will go, which major will she pick, but we can think about the college funds, put away some while building our nest eggs, etc.

Grandpa fix

I have an observation on Grandpa obsession with new grand daughter. This happened to my dad 14 years ago, and it happened to my in-law this time around (both being first time grand parents). I can think of one reason, back in the days when my dad/in-law became new parents, the society is so different from today, and their main thing is their work (bring home bread). They left the baby-sitting job to moms, and grandmas. This applies to both my wife and myself (and our siblings).

Obviously a lot has been changed  since our time, it’s widely acceptable for daddy to show his affection to the baby (in the past this would have seen as weakness, or lack of man’s masculinity). There are even stay at home daddies nowadays. While I have not envision that as my full time job, I think I would definitely spend more time with my baby, instead of playing catch up when I become grandpa 😀

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